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It is no secret that erection problems are quite widespread among the stronger sex. Naturally, among colleagues, relatives, friends and, especially girlfriends, I want to keep my image of a confident, successful and strong man. Strong in all respects, including intimately. Therefore, a man, faced with a similar situation, a man, as a rule, is in no hurry, hoping to solve the problem on his own. And thereby not only exacerbates erectile dysfunction, but often adds to them serious health problems.
- It is drug therapy that plays the most important role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. For many years, Viagra is most often used as the main medicine in this treatment. This substance (mean viagra 100 mg online) provides an erection subject to sexual stimulation. Initially, sildenafil was clinically tested as a drug to lower blood pressure in hypertension. However, in the course of research work with him, an interesting side effect was discovered: the drug not only lowered blood pressure, but also significantly increased blood supply in the inguinal region in men, thus causing an erection. Due to these properties of sildenafil, it was decided to create a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction on its basis. However, when using sildenafil in a standard dose sufficient to lower blood pressure, an erection arose rather slowly and did not last long. Of course, with the practical use of such a drug, its value would be small: no one would wait for a long enough time for an erection to appear, which, moreover, will soon disappear.
The way out of the situation was an increase in the dosage of sildenafil in the drug, due to which the erection began to arise quite quickly and lasted throughout the entire sexual intercourse. However, there was also a certain danger of using sildenafil: as we recall, one of the effects of its administration is hypotensive. With an increase in the dosage of the active substance, a sharp drop in blood pressure occurs, in the presence of chronic cardiovascular diseases, the likelihood of fatal complications significantly increases: vascular collapse, heart attack or stroke.

This innovative technology has been proven safe and efficient. Moreover, has fewer side effects than other treatments as it involves neither surgery nor radiation and therefore can preserve your quality of life.

This prostate cancer treatment, the result of 15 years of research, is available in the HIFU Center México located in Puerto Vallarta.

In order to avoid negative side effects, pharmacists are constantly working on a drug with the gradual release of sildenafil, which would ensure the rapid onset and long-term preservation of an erection without the risk of a sharp drop in blood pressure. And it was the Russian pharmacists who succeeded significantly. So, the drug, created by specialists of the domestic company Ozone Pharma, contains hypromellose (microcrystalline cellulose) as a matrix. She, like a sponge, holds sildenafil, gradually dissolves in the stomach and, accordingly, gradually releases the active substance.

Please use this website to learn more about prostate cancer and HIFU and why  many  men are using HIFU as the treatment option for prostate cancer and  BPH.

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia BPH or enlargement of the prostate, is the most common benign tumor in aging men. About 25% of men over the age of 50 will require treatment for this problem in their lifetime. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound has proven to be an excellent alternative to relieve the obstructive symptoms of BPH.

The treatment is done as an outpatient procedure, without bleeding or cardiovascular risks. Explore this website for more information about HIFU and BPH.

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The unique structure of the tablet provides a prolonged effect of the drug - it works almost twice as long as the analogues at the lowest cost of admission. In this case, the active substance is released uniformly throughout the duration of the drug, its amount in the blood as a result remains almost constant, without peaks, which avoids sharp fluctuations in blood pressure. "

Do not be afraid of the need for medication for erectile dysfunction.